Capital Campaign

Groundbreaking is planned for Summer 2023!

At long last, and through the generosity and perseverance of many, we have exceeded our capital campaign fundraising goal, secured a USDA Rural Development Construction Loan, and plans are in place to break ground on our campus expansion project in 2023. 

Patience, perseverance, and gratitude are constants at Latham Centers. Each day we challenge one another to have the patience to endure challenges, perseverance to learn from and overcome obstacles, and the practice of gratitude to recognize the kindness, support, and generosity of those around us. Sustaining momentum and enthusiasm for this project while overcoming obstacles has highlighted the importance of these values. As always, the children and adults we serve, and their dedicated families have inspired us along the way. Each day we witness them rise and face seemingly insurmountable challenges with joy, determination, and love.

This project has been the most exciting and challenging we have encountered in more than four decades. While the journey has been longer than anticipated, the most worthwhile endeavors often take time. This campus expansion and the creation of the Latham Community and Arts Center will dramatically enhance the lives of our students, adult residents, and staff for years to come. 

Thank you to the Latham families, staff, Board members, volunteers, and community stakeholders who invested in this project to make this dream a reality. As the saying goes, “slow and steady wins the race,” and crossing the finish line will be sweeter with all of you by our side. We will continue to share project updates, including news about our upcoming groundbreaking event and ribbon-cutting celebrations. We hope to share the incredible pride and excitement with you when we tour the new Latham campus!


Project Milestones

2015 - Latham Centers launches the silent phase of the Expanding our Circle Capital Campaign for the new Latham Community and Arts Center.

2017 - $250,000 Challenge Match pledged by an anonymous donor. Latham Centers announces the Public Phase of the Campaign.

2018 – Successfully Completed $250,000 Challenge Match.

2019 – The community continues to support this priority initiative. Latham Board and administration decide to scale back fundraising solicitation and project plans to address the Covid-19 pandemic.

2021 – Latham Centers engages Equity Schools, Inc. to re-imagine the planned expansion to address critical program needs for additional classroom space, implement cutting-edge school design to meet the needs of our population, and leverage funding opportunities.

USDA Rural Development awards Latham Centers an $800,000 grant to fund non-construction costs and furniture, fixtures, and equipment related to the project. 

2022 – Latham receives an additional $1,075,000 in USDA Rural Development Emergency Healthcare grant funding for project construction costs. 

USDA Rural Development Construction Loan is approved.

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